Kirinya Jinja SS have been docked a point and goal while their coach, Charles Ayiekoh Lukula has been slapped with a four match touchline ban.

This follows unsporting conduct from Ayiekoh and goalkeeping coach Hannington Kalyesubula in the aftermath of a 1-0 defeat to Soana FC at Bugembe on Saturday November 4, 2017.

According to the ruling released by the Azam Uganda Premier League, the FUFA Disciplinary Panel accuses Ayiekoh of attacking match officials accusing them of alleged biased Officiation.

This resulted into fans hurling stones at the match officials as they were entering the dressing room but were rescued by the Police. The reports further indicate that a club official by the names of Kalyesubula Hannington verbally attacked the referees.

Here are the decisions of the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel on the 15th November 2017 for handling in accordance with FUFA Competitions Rules. The panel has reverted with the following decisions:-


1) The panel slapped a four match touchline ban on Kirinya Jinja SSS FC head coach Ayiekoh Charles Lukula for unsporting conduct towards match officials. Mr Ayiekoh Charles Lukula is not allowed to access the dressing rooms while serving the ban. Article 30.8(iii) of FUFA Competitions Rules.

2) Kirinya Jinja SSS FC loses one (1) point and one (1) goal from those already accumulated for Kalyesubula Hannington’s verbal attack on the match officials in line with article 30.15 of FUFA Competitions rules which states that,

“If the match official(s) report(s) indicate(s) that individuals or groups have verbally insulted a member of the match crew, the defaulting club from whom such an individual or group are judged by FUFA Disciplinary Committee to come from will lose one (1) point and one (1) Goal from those already accumulated for a league format competition.

Ayiekoh will miss the remaining two games in the first round and as many at the start of the second round.

Kirinya Jinja SS drops to 10th from 8th on the 16-team table with 17 points from 13 games.

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