Fufa on Monday approved allocation of the long awaited Fifa Covid-19 relief grant of $500,000.

This is the first batch of the $1m approved by Fifa to Fufa member associations and clubs. The is also another $500,000 specifically meant for women football that is still pending.

According to Fufa, the allocation was made in consideration of the Fifa Covid-19 Relief plan regulations.

The federation also said the Executive Committee would reconvene soon to take a decision on the appropriation of the Women Football Grant based on the strategy submitted earlier to Fifa.

Allocation-Funds. Download https://www.fufa.co.ug/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Allocation-Funds.pdf

“Fufa wishes to announce receipt of USD 500,000 being the first part of Solidarity Grant earlier applied for and approved by FIFA,” said Fufa CEO Edgar Watson.

“As stipulated in the Regulations funds will be transferred directly to the beneficiary’s bank account within the next 14 days.

“FUFA is in the process of applying for the Women’s Football Grant and all stakeholders will be informed of any developments in this regard as soon as they occur.”

In the released allocations, the StarTimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL) 16 clubs will receive a combined Shs527m, giving each a round figure of Shs33m, while the Secretariat is due Shs52.

“Of course when it hits the respective bank accounts,” UPL CEO Bernard Bainamani told this website, “It will put a smile on the beneficiaries’ faces.”

Each of the Fufa Big League clubs will receive Shs15m, totaling to Shs240m. Restarting of competitions including the lower leagues, playoffs and organization will take Shs177m and youth national teams Shs100m.

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