The National Council of Sports (NCS) and its 51 member associations, including Fufa, will virtually meet this Friday to chat a way forward after sports resumption was okayed.

Fufa president Moses Magogo

President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday addressed the nation on the status of Covid-19.

Among the Covid-19 containment restrictions lifted was the suspension on sporting activities.

Regulated sport, including the Uganda Premier League (UPL), among other activities categorized under mass gatherings, has been on a lockdown since March 18.

“Open air activities of sports will re-open provided there are no spectators and the players are tested for Covid-19, 72 hours before,” said the President.

“This test will expire in 14 days. Hence, the sportsmen (and women) will have to repeat the test.

“With tournaments, teams should be quarantined for the whole (duration) season of the competition,” added Museveni.

According to administrators Daily Monitor newspaper spoke to, the quarantine the President meant is only for those competitions such as playoffs or national teams camps, or short duration tournaments, but not a season-long league.

According to NCS general secretary, Patrick Ogwel, the above and several other concerning issues including financial implications that come with cost of tests will be discussed at the meeting with federations on Friday.

A test at a government facility goes for Shs240,000 per person, while it is Shs350,000 and above privately.

Fufa have committed to taking care of teams in the different league playoffs.

“We have the Big League playoffs, Regional playoffs and the Women Elite League playoffs first,” said Ahmed Hussein, the Fufa head of communications.

“We shall take care of all the teams accommodation, Covid tests and all involved.”

However, Hussein also admitted that clubs taking on costs for Covid tests will be a huge burden for them.

“Of course as Fufa, we can’t just look on but like I said, we shall need concerted effort from the clubs, us as Fufa and government to help. These will be addressed when we meet with NCS.”

Elsewhere, the Fufa AGM sitting last week approved Bright Stars change of name.

The Matugga based club is now called Soltilo Bright Stars.


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