Vipers Miguel Da Costa

Only two weeks after the beginning of the season the Premier League is shutting down.

Some coaches are saying goodbye to their players and hoping to get them back in one piece for the matches in a fortnight’s time.

For some clubs it’ll be a welcome break. You can imagine the likes of Asaph Mwebaze using these crucial few days to right what is wrong at Maroons.

Mike Mutebi might well be in need of a holiday already after his champions have had a false start to the campaign winning just once in four.

But for Miguel Da Costa whose side seems to have picked momentum, the prayer is that his charges return with no injuries.

Nevertheless, almost all of them didn’t welcome the break with Mwebaze saying lack of competitive football for a fortnight may even deteriorate his side more.

“I don’t think it’s the right time to have the break,” he “We are working hard to make things right and lack of competition for all these days may even deteriorate us,” he added.

Mujib Kasule, whose Proline picked their first win of the campaign on Tuesday also says the break may kills the momentum.

“Game by game, we were getting to play as a team and the momentum we had gained maybe affected,” said Kasule. “But it’s also a chance to rectify our mistakes from the past games and come back better,” he added.

Soana’s Shafik Bisaso also thinks the timing of the break isn’t pleasant to his side that has only picked maximum points once.

“I wish we could do without it (the break),” he said. “But nothing to do about other than going to the drawing board and try to improve,” he added.

The Uganda Premier League is off until October 10 after Uganda Cranes’ home tie against Ghana in the FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

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