McKinstry advises players to avoid discussing UPL proposals

Uganda Cranes coach Johnathan McKinstry has advised local based players to distance themselves from commenting on Fufa’s proposals for the new league.

The Northern Irishman conveyed his message through WhatsApp to all players that were in camp for the postponed Africa Nations Championship.

“I understand many of the players may have been approached by different media houses to respond to the proposal regarding league updates here in Uganda….,” read part of the message.

“I would advise avoiding the topic if possible as it appears some of you are unfortunately being presented with either incomplete or inaccurate information by some media houses.

“Most likely in order for them to get a cheap headline during a time when there is not a lot of football to report on.

“The present situation is that a proposal has been made regarding how to restructure the top 2-divisions of league football here in Uganda, as well as introduction of a Reserve league, and now all stakeholders (clubs, etc) will have opportunity to discuss those proposals.

“It is clear that some people believe that a decision has been made already; when in fact it is a very early stage with consultations and discussions between all stakeholders in Ugandan football still to take place…

Again…probably something that is easier to stay out of at present.

Among the many proposals is the reduction of top flight teams from 16 to 12.

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