SC Villa will have to do without their Head Coach Wasswa Bbosa for at least four match after he earned a ban for misconduct.

The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel (FCDP) ruling signed by CEO Deo Mutabazi reacted following a game at Kavumba Recreation Ground where the Jogoos won 2-0 against Soana.

Below is the FULL verdict

The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel (FCDP) received a petition from AUPL Secretariat and sat on 19’n April 2018 to review the matter.


Basing on the referee and match assessor’s reports, Coach Wasswa Bbosa abused, threatened and attacked the match officials during and after the match.

The same report indicates that Paul Mukatabala also got involved in the same though he later played a role in cooling down his Head Coach.


Mr. Wasswa Bbosa violated Article 30.2 of the FUFA Competitions rules 2017118 and he is accordingly sanctioned as per Article 30.8(iii) (he is banned for four competition matches for unsporting conduct towards match officials).

He is further warned that the FCDP will not hesitate to invoke Article 5.4(b) of the coaches licensing rules if such misconduct continues.

These decisions take immediate effect.

Meanwhile, if dissatisfied, Bbosa has a room to appeal.

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