KCCA manager Mike Mutebi believes true the saying that every cloud has a silver lining. Even in the rather unfortunate Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world economy to a halt, the saying shines through.

Mutebi cannot wait for football to be back again but insists that even as we are desperate for the game, life must take precedent.

“Absolutely, we want the game back, and the federations are doing their best,” said Mutebi, “However, safety and health first.”

Mutebi was quoted by Daily Monitor from NTV’s weekly Monday night sports show, the NTV Press Box.

The three-time national league winning coach believes that while it is sad what the pandemic has caused worldwide, there are still some lessons to pick.

“I see good things,” he said, “The break is a good thing for Ugandan players because there is now a positivity of knowing that you (players) can do things on your own.

“At least I can speak for KCCA players. Our fitness coaches gave our players training programs and each player is supposed to send in their workout videos for follow ups. It’s been happing in Europe, now it’s happening here.

“That is a positive we must carry forward. This has showed that as professionals, we must carry ourselves and lead our lives well on our own. But you know it calls for discipline.”

At the time of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL) being provisionally called off in measures to combat the spread of the pandemic, KCCA were trailing leaders Vipers by four points with five matches to go.

And Mutebi is desperate to have the season settled on the field of play. “It would be sporting sweet to complete the season, and as you know, we are still competitive,” he said.

“But the rules say if 75 per cent of the games have been played, the leader of the table is the champion, so Vipers are champions if we end today.

“I have no problem with that, but it would be nice to finish the season, and I’m happy to hear both Fufa and UPL want it that way.” KCCA are the defending champions.




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