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Friday, August 30, 2019

Onduparaka vs Police (Police never turned up)

Onduparaka are shoe-in for three points after their StarTimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL) opponents Police never turned up for their match.

The game was due at Maroons Stadium in Luzira and Onduparaka appeared for the encounter, together with match officials.

Both Onduparaka and the officials did their pre-match warm-ups but the more the clock ticked, the more it became apparent the other party was not going to show up.

The wait continued way past the official 4.30pm kickoff time and 26 minutes in there was still no sign of Police.

Match officials Nasser Mohammad Kirya, Emmanuel Okudra, Osire Juma and Lucky Kasalirwe, as well as match assessor Faisal Nsubuga, were seen seated on their chairs in a circle, waiting. Finally, they called off the tie.

Under normal rules, Onduparaka are due three points here and the referee’s report will capture a no show for the visitors, Police.

Police are reported to be out of the country in Kenya, where they travelled for Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO games) without official communication to UPL.

Meanwhile, Onduparaka had only eight to players to field in this fixture as the rest still awaited documentation from the licencing body at Fufa.


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