1. Congratulations upon successful conclusion of the league

    Thank you.


    1. What has been the biggest hurdle that you have faced this season as league organizers?


    Honestly, fixture instability has been a thorn in our fresh!


    1. We have seen teams especially SC Villa and Vipers have games suspended (at times unnecessarily) and in the end, caused a fixture backlog, how are you planning to conquer that next season?


    As indicated in No.2 above, fixture instability has been a thorn in our fresh this season and we have learnt a lot of lessons. Next season, we shall be rigid when it comes to postponing and rescheduling of games. A rule will be a rule. Look at the situation where a club is preparing for an international match due on a Saturday at home but does not want to play a Tuesday league match in the same week! In EPL, a team plays an away champions league game on Wednesday and plays an EPL match on a Saturday same week.


    Secondly, we have agreed with FUFA Competitions Department to include on FUFA Activity Calendar all the activities that were hitherto not included and sometimes clashed with UPL fixtures.


    Thirdly, we shall demand from some clubs to make enforceable agreements with the hired stadiums which agreements respect league fixtures. In addition we shall ask clubs to get stadium activity calendars and provide them to the secretariat before releasing the final league fixtures.


    1. The league organizers gave out match day balls to all teams but they weren’t used often. What are you doing to enforce ths?


    Save for few clubs that used those match balls for training and got spoilt, the majority of the clubs complied with the requirement.

    Next season the rules shall be clearly spelt out as regards the sanctions applicable to any team that may not comply with the match balls regulations. Fortunately am on the FUFA Ad-hoc committee set up to review the current competitions rules and come up with sets of competition rules and other rules for 2016/17 season. We shall cater for match ball rules. It should be noted that match balls were introduced after mid season and the rules about the same were somehow loose.



    1. Last season, a few teams particularly The Saints, KCCA and Vipers had AZAM LOGO on their Sleeves. Was it compulsory or it was those willing?


    The Azam badges meant for putting on the team shirt sleeves came towards the end of the league and some clubs got them late. Those that received them in time put them on. So putting them was not a choice or voluntary. All teams shall put the badges on the shirt sleeves next season. It will be a MUST. The sponsor has to get mileage from this and that’s why they had to provide these badges.


    1. The world over, there is a man of the match picked and awarded. It’s not been done in the league whole season. Don’t you think this ought to change?


    Agreed. We have talked to Azam Pay TV and other prospective sponsors and partners and there are prospects for next season.


    1. Unlike the 2014-15 season, there were no games decided by boardroom decisions this time round, what magic did you do to improve this?


    Ahaa….aa. The magic was that last season we acted strong on clubs whose fans were faulted for causing match abandonments. Teams lost points by forfeiture. We knew what we were doing. If we had not acted hard, the story would have remained the same.


    In addition, we worked closely with the clubs and referees’ body to ensure no ineligible players were fielded given the Said Kyeyune (URA FC) and Yeseri Waibi (SC Villa) scenarios (cards issues). Cards status per club would be communicated to clubs before the next round of games.


    1. Though the league has a sponsorship deal, there’s no stated cash prize for the league winners bar a trophy and medals. What are you doing to bring this to an end?


    Unlike last season, this time around the champion is going to be given a cash prize. Other awards will also go to different personalities. We have planned a UPL Awards Event to be held in August 2016 before league kick off. All these Awards and cash prizes will be given at this event.

    The UPL marketing team is working around the clock to get more sponsors and partners for this event.


    1. In relation to the above, don’t you think it’s high time a cash prize is introduced for each position on the log so as to increase competition?


    Very correct. We have engaged various prospective sponsors and partners over this issue and if all goes well we shall attach cash prizes to each position as per the final league table standing. It is best practice.



    1. Last season, there were clashes between clubs and the FA, not heard of this time round. How have u managed to change trend?


    Mandates were clearly agreed. Each party knows their mandate and lines have not been crossed.


    1. On KCCA’s coronation day, UPL awards were announced, when and where are they taking place?


    Coronation or crowning? But anyway, the UPL Awards event as already hinted on, will be in August 2016 on a date and venue to be communicated once agreed internally.


    1. In conclusion, what do you think are the achievements this season in comparison to last season? Plus, which challenges did you face.


    Key Achievements

    • Minimum level of violence and Hooliganism
    • No board room points
    • Introduction of match balls
    • No wrangles
    • Close match supervision by UPL staff/facilitation was a key factor.
    • Acquisition of UPL Office Vehicle


    Main Challenges

    • Fixture instability
    • Limited number of sponsors/tight budget



    1. Thank You Bernard and wish you the best as you plan for the next season


    You are welcome. Thanks for the co-operation as well

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