The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel has ordered for the deduction of two points off SC Villa Jogoo for the acts of violence by their fans during the Azam Uganda Premier League match on Saturday 23rdSeptember, 2017against Vipers SC  at St Mary’s Kitende.

The match was won by the home side Vipers SC 1-0 but was marred by acts of hooliganism from the visiting side that left parts of the stadium damaged.

Based on reports by the match referee, Assessor, video and photographic evidence from the Vipers SC vs SC Villa Jogoo match, the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel, found the parties to have violated the FUFA Competitions Rules have been sanctioned accordingly as below;

  • SC Villa Jogoo Manager Jumba Muhammad has been handed a 4 match touchline ban for threatening violence against the match referee. Mr. Jumba Mohammed will not be allowed to access the SC Villa Jogoo dressing room while serving the ban (FUFA Competitions Rules Art 30.8 (iii).
  • SC Villa Jogoo player Kirya Samson has been suspended for two matches for threatening violence against the referee and unsporting behavior as per Article 30.2 of the FUFA Competitions Rules.
  • SC Villa loses two points and two goals from those already accumulated for their fans hooliganism and violence. In addition, Sc Villa Jogoo has been fined 1,000,000 (One Million Shillings) –Article 30.14 of the FUFA Competitions Rules
  • The case of vandalism of the stadium and misconduct by individual Sc Villa fans mentioned in the Vipers SC’s petition has been referred to the FUFA Disciplinary Committee for further Investigations and action in accordance with Article 6.9 (b) of the FUFA Competitions Rules.

The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Committee has given any aggrieved party dissatisfied with the decision to appeal within 48 hours of receipt of this communication.

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