The Uganda Premier League (UPL) and Fufa have pledged to continue working towards a more cordial relationship as they continue charting ways to develop the game.

The two parties hosted their first ever monthly breakfast meeting, which was organised by Fufa at Imperial Royale in Kampala on Monday.

“Let us remain supportive as we continue to involve the different parties,” said Fufa president Moses Magogo at the meeting.

“We all have a common agenda which is sport. There is a lot of value addition.

“We must protect the brand of the UPL, it is a baby we must protect at all times.”

Magogo also told stakeholders that the  Fifa COVID-19 relief funds had arrived and will finally be disbursed to the respective club accounts.

He also informed them of the possibility to acquire loans for football development for infrastructural development and football projects.

“The objective is to compensate losses by making payments directly to the club accounts,” explained Magogo.

“We also have to ensure that football eventually resumes since you are aware that there 22 unfinished matches that have to be completed before the season new season resumes in October 2020.”

UPL CEO Bernard Bainamani labeled the 2020-21 football season as a unique one where force majeure element (Coronavirus pandemic) came into play to force the abrupt end of the league.

“The 2019-20 StarTimes Uganda Premier League was unique in such away that the Coronavirus pandemic caused an abrupt end of the season,” explained Bainamani.

“This brought a situation where the remaining batch of the sponsors money has not been paid and there is a fraction is being discussed.”

The next meeting will be held on Monday, 28th September 2020 (venue will be communicated).

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