UPL-CEO-Bernard-Bainamani-addresses-the-participants-at-the-Symposium. PHOTO CREDIT: Fufa media

A bible of guidelines that will act as a directional tool for the development of Ugandan club football in the next 10 years took baby steps over the weekend at a Jinja meet that brought together several stakeholders.

The gathering at the Technical Center in Njeru involved the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa), the topflight league commercial arm – Fufa Super League Limited (FSLL), and Uganda Premier League (UPL).

Key on the agenda was finding ways of how to improve the football quality (product), its packaging, promotion and pricing to prospective sponsors and fans.

Fufa president Moses Magogo, and Fufa and UPL CEOs Edgar Watson and Bernard Bainamani attended the meeting. Others included club CEOs, chairmen, coaches and the media.

The very first meeting of similar ambitions was over five years ago when a Jinja Declaration was advanced.

The next was the Ugandan football symposium held in January 2015 at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

“Club football is key of the main pillars upon which football development is built worldwide,” said Magogo, the main facilitator.

Other areas discussed at the weekend included club structures, finance (expenditure and generation), competitions, rules and regulations, player development and management, Human Resource, facilities and equipment, marketing, fans’ development, Communications and event management.


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