Umar Lutalo has announced he has ended his three-year association with league champions SC Villa.

The midfielder scored 8 goals last season and played a crucial role in the club’s march to a 17th league title after 20 years.

In his departing message, Lutalo thanked everyone associated with the club afe

“To the esteemed president Hajji Omar Mandela and his Executive Committee, your unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping not only my career but also the success of the club. Thank you for believing in me and providing me with the opportunity to contribute to the rich legacy of SC Villa.”

“To my fellow players, it has been an absolute honor to share the pitch with such talented individuals. Your dedication, passion, and camaraderie have been the driving force behind our triumphs. Together, we have achieved the unimaginable, and I will forever cherish the memories we have created on and off the field.”

“To every member of the club staff, your hard work behind the scenes does not go unnoticed. From the coaching staff fo the medical team, from the kit managers to the administrative staff, each one of you plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the club. Your professionalism and commitment have been truly inspiring, and I am grateful for the tireless efforts you put in day in and day out.”

“Last but certainly not least, for the loyal fans of SC Villa, you are the heartbeat of this club. Your unwavering support, whether rain or shine, home or away, is what fuels our passion and drives us to succeed. Winning the StarTimes Uganda Premier League title of the 2023/24 season was a dream come true, and to be able to share that moment with you after 20 long years of waiting is something I will cherish forever.”

“As I embark on the next chapter of my career, I carry with me the invaluable lessons and memories I have gained during my time at Sports Club Villa. Though my journey with the club may be coming to an end, my love and respect for each and every one of you will endure forever.”

He is the third player to leave after Kenneth Ssemakula and Abasi Kyeyune with the latter sold for a reported 13,000 $ to Egypt’s Cleopatra Celemica.