Misagga vows to uphold Villa Const’n

SC Villa Elections

August 24, 2018

Villa electoral committee

Chairperson- Evelyn Asiimwe, Army MP

Vice chairperson- Sarah Babirye Kityo, Central Youth MP

Secretary- Ivan Kakembo

Member- Musa Balinda

Spokesperson- Sarah Adong

Ben Misagga, the reigning SC Villa president, will seek to retain the seat when elections are held on August 24.

Misagga has been in office on a four-year term since 2014.

While revealing the electoral committee headed by Army MP Major Evelyn Asiimwe and Central Region Youth MP Sarah Babirye Kityo, Misagga took the opportunity to announce his candidature for the club presidency.

“First of all, I thank the earlier leaders at SC Villa Jogoo as Patrick Kawooya and Franco Mugabe and many others who laid a strong foundation for a great footballing club in Uganda,” said Misagga.

“I have witnessed about three elections of Kawooya, Mugabe and then when I was denied the top seat when I was unopposed in 2005.

“Traditionally we vote so the other interim leaders were just trying to streamline leadership.

“Some other clubs don’t hold elections. I don’t know why Fufa is intent on our club to vote yet other clubs don’t vote.

“What I won’t accept is our club to run on an interim basis. We have a constitution that we must respect. It was started when I was in Lusaka.”

Misagga added: “So as per Article 24, I am tasked with the responsibility of appointing the electoral committee and appeals committee.

“I will be standing for the up-coming Sports Club Villa Jogoo elections. I appeal to Fufa to respect our constitution.”

Four other people are speculated to be interested in the Villa top seat including Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board CEO Edgar Agaba, marketing guru Denis Mbidde Ssebugwawo, Muhammed Bazirengedde (another laywer who also served as vice president to Misagga before the two fell out).

Former club player Gibby Kalule, who is currently a FIFA players’ intermediary, is also said to be interested.


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