Mulindwa advises Fufa to end season, declare leaders champions

Lawrence Mulindwa says Fufa and UPL should declare the 2020/21 season over and declare leaders Express champions.

The football season was suspended by the FA with 3-4 games to play due to the national lockdown but Fufa is still in talks with government over allowing the campaign to end on the pitch.

“There is no need to talk to the Prime Minister,” he said in reference to Fufa talks with government. “Even if she allows, will she the one responsible for removing Covid19? Mulindwa wondered while talking to the media on Monday.

“How do you trust those players playing against each other? Even if you say there is vaccination, it’s not treatment so there can’t be assurance. And with poverty in our clubs, which one are ready to do regular testing? We shouldn’t risk the life of Ugandans for the sake of that thing called ‘The Cup’.

“Clubs should be left to go prepare for the next season instead of wasting time on the current campaign.

“I want to advise the Federation and the people at UPL just as they applied the 75% rule last season, they should do it now. In fact they should have done it yesterday to declare Express FC Champions of this current season. They shouldn’t waste time. The rule is very clear and should be applied.”

Mulindwa states the taking longer will also have an impact of the continental representatives at Caf.

“Anyone going to represent us on the continent will need ample time to prepare, buying players, looking for funds, the earlier we know who is going for champions the better.”

Express FC lead the current table standings with 58 points, one and two better than second and third placed URA and Vipers respectively.

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