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Mulindwa condemns hooliganism

Action from Vipers versus SC Villa

In the aftermath of what happened when Vipers hosted Vipers at St. Mary’s stadium, Kitende, Lawrence Mulindwa has in the strongest of terms condemned the unfortunate incidents.

Angry SC Villa fans destroyed the metallic barrier separating the VIP section in the 1-0 defeat to Vipers on Saturday accusing referee Alex Muhabi of biased officiating.

A vivid Mulindwa said that regardless of the officiating, fans must stay calm and warned that he will deal with all the culprits individually and leave FUFA to take action on SC Villa as a club.

“What happened on Saturday should be condemned in the strong manner,” said Mulindwa. “I have had excuses of referees not doing their job well but everywhere, it happens. But fans never go overboard,” he added.

“SC Villa as a team, it has gone beyond. You all remember what happened in Masaka when they played KCCA. As we wait to see what action FUFA takes, I will deal with the culprits individually. We know them – Mukwasi (Nsambya), Katongole, Lutaaya, Tito, Meddie Katanyota and Miracle are ring leaders and will act as examples to others.

Mulindwa also thinks the Villa fans did it out of jealous because for all the time they have been in existence, they don’t have a home.

“These VEK clubs must embrace new rivals. Villa has been in existence for all the years but what do they have? Even Villa Park has no toilets.  Infrastructure is the basis of success but they keep moving from stadia to another like measles. And they did it of jealous that they wanted everything to be destroyed

He called upon all football managers to realise the need to have fans back as it was in the 90s and 80s by saying no to violence in the capacities.

“I call upon all football managers to realise we need to have fans back – continue competing, continue to fund the game but we shall not allow a section of fans who come to stadium to destroy – let fair play prevail at all times.

Vipers SC remains the only privately owned football club in Uganda that has a stadium.

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